What's the concept of the name, "Green Tea, Please"?
Tell me the one thing us Brits are renowned for? Making a cracking cup of tea! Your friend pops over for a chin-wag, and the first question you ask? "Fancy a brew?" Well, of course; make mine a green tea, please. There's something quite composed about coming in from a busy day, grabbing a cuppa, kicking back with your feet up, and having half an hour to yourself. In that half an hour to myself, i enjoy catching up on blogger's daily happenings, and choose to do so whilst sipping on my tea of choice; a healthy, herbal green tea.

What do you blog about?
The most part of my blog, "Green Tea, Please", is a lifestyle blog. I've had many blogs in the past where i claim to "know" about beauty/fashion, just to fill a blank on the blog, and over the past year, i've determined that i enjoy reading and watching people's daily lives rather than beauty and fashion tips. I suspect bloggers/vloggers record their lives as a journal to look back on, and "Green Tea, Please" is just that; a journal or a diary that i can look back on and reflect on the past year. There will be the odd interior and health post, but expect a lot more holiday and breaks away posts, as well as milestone events.

What camera do you use for your photos/videos?
I switch between my nifty Olympus Pen E-PL7, and my trusty iPhone 8. I purchased my Olympus Pen for the sole purpose of uploading decent quality photos for my blog, and i choose to use this wherever possible; this is a great camera for easy usage, and for those who like to snap and upload straight away. My iPhone comes out only when i don't have my Pen with me at the time. I also use the Pen for my videos. The camera allows you to take some great macro/bukkeh videos (and photos) #InstaWorthy, but i do need to be more computer-savvy in order to upload videos that do the camera justice! Please bear with me on that front!
I have two lenses that i use with the Olympus Pen; the M.Zuiko Digital 17mm 1:2.8 Pancake lens, and the M.Zuiko Digital 45mm f1.8 lens. I'd recomend the Pancake lens for blog photos and vlogs, but there is an array of lenses that will fit the Pen, which i've yet to discover, which may be better suited for blogging.
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