Saturday, 1 June 2019

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Long gone are the Bank Holiday Mondays when i'd be stumbling down the Whitley Bay strip, spending more money on cocktails than i'd care to make in a month, enjoying the scorching seaside temperatures, blissfully unaware of the hangover that would ensue whilst creating the stationery order at the office the next morning. Nowadays, i spend my Bank Holiday Mondays giving our little bedsit a much needed tidy, and on this occasion, boy, was it in need of a clean.

As we're currently in a little studio apartment, it really doesn't take a lot for it to go from immaculate, to colossal sh*t-hole in the space of half an hour. It also doesn't help, the fact we have two pooches that love to wreak havoc, by pelting from bed to sofa... to bed... to sofa, at every opportunity. The bedding hangs off the bed, and the sofa cushions are often scattered around the whole bedsit, not to mention their fur gets EVERYWHERE. Please tell me i'm not the only one that has this issue with their pups?

I also live with someone who is hell-bent on trashing the place when he comes home from work; he dumps his tool 'bits' on the kitchen countertops, leaves his shoes in the middle of the floor, doesn't put food back in the fridge after he's done with it... the list could go on. I don't mean to publicly shame the guy, but it's becoming somewhat of a problem, Darren, seriously hin!

To combat the mess that occurs on a daily basis, i typically clean on a weekend more thoroughly than i do when i come in from work. Usually i start by tidying the kitchen area, then the dining area, on to the bed space, and then the living area. I finish off with a hoover of the floor, and then a dust down of the window sills and ceiling. And if i'm doing a deep clean around the bedsit, i'll give the mirrors, walls and doors a good seeing to as well, then finally, i'll tackle the bathroom.

Our future plans mean we're on quite a tight budget when it comes to the weekly shop, and so i'm very loyal to some of Lidl's store brand cleaning products. I swear by the W5 Antibacterial Multi-Surface Wipes, they remove the toughest of dirt marks. I try to use these sparingly though, as i'm fully aware of the negative impact disposable wipes have on the environment. Maybe someone can suggest an equally impressive product which has a lesser bearing on the environment? An absolute must have in our weekly shop, are the scented laundry pellets. I HAVE to put a cap full of these in the wash for that little bit of extra freshness. I'm currently loving the Lenor Unstoppables, in the vanilla scent, 'Lavish', but if our budget is already stretched, i'm quite partial to Sainsbury's own brand Pink Blossom Laundry Fragrance Pearls.

Who doesn't love a speed clean video? They're one of the most recommended videos on my YouTube feed; feel free to watch my speed clean of my studio apartment, and if you enjoyed, don't forget to subscribe to my channel. :)



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