Monday, 27 May 2019

Where Have I Been? Part Two || Lifestyle

Darren and I have had our hands full as of August last year, which is just one of the reasons the blog hasn't seen much activity as of late. It was a bit of an impulsive jump, but was based on the decision that our wee lad, Oakley, was in need of a play mate. We couldn't resist looking for a young pal for Oakley to bond with....

I introduce to you Dallas, our youngest French Bulldog pup. Admittedly, he isn't quite a puppy anymore - he's approaching his first birthday in June - but he's still the clumsy, bouncy, high-spirited little pooch we brought home to the family.

Although i'm no dog expert, Oakley - our eldest Frenchie - seems to have taken to Dallas so well. They've become the best of friends, which is always a huge relief when introducing a dog to another well-established canine in the family.

Darren and I had discussed getting another pup for the home, for Oakley's sake, but it wasn't high on the agenda. Dallas (though he didn't have a name at this point) popped up on our social media feed, on separate occasions, and we both text one another asking if we'd seen the little fawn coloured Frenchie with the white marking on its face. Since he stood out to the both of us, it would have been silly to have passed up the opportunity to even enquire about the little cutie.

We made the journey with Oakley to visit Dallas' previous owners, and after introducing Oakley to Dallas in an unfamiliar setting, Oakley took to him like he was his own, and we knew then he had to come home with us that day.

So we now have two adorable, charismatic little French Bulldogs, who never fail to make people smile when they walk by. Mind, Dallas is getting cheekier with age, and he just won't stop for anything. Except food... He'll definitely stop for food.

The little monster is becoming somewhat camera-shy recently, so we don't have many photos of him now to share on the blog, but follow me on Instagram, if you want to see more regular candid Frenchie moments on the newsfeed and stories.


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