Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Lidl Wire Tables (Ferm Living Dupe) || Interior

Admit it; you can't get enough of the Scandinavian interior and design, and neither can the most part of the UK. You've probably designed your entire home from the pages of the IKEA catalogue? I don't blame you, it's an interior designer's dream for budget buys. But recently, i've discovered a hidden gem for home furnishings on a shoe-string budget... 

Everyone's been losing their sh*t over these black wire-framed tables. Absolutely bossing over them because they're from the last place you'd look, when doing a bit of home decor browsing. This set of two beauties were found at Lidl. Yes... Lidl.

I'm a sucker for anything Scandi, so when i found out Lidl were selling these, there wasn't a chance i was going without. They'll look right at home in a white (of course), minimalistic room, complemented with one or two small terrariums. 

Some of you with a keen eye for en trend interiors might notice that these look extremely similar to the wire baskets and basket tops from Ferm Living. Or maybe you've noticed they're a convincing dupe of the Urban Outfitters wire-framed tables? Either way, at £29.99, these Livarno Living wire tables from Lidl are a fraction of the cost of the Ferm Living brand, and half the price of the Urban Outfitters variety. Bloody bargain!

Let's not get too ahead of ourselves though; they're inexpensive, but that does come at as cost. The "ash-effect" overlay on the table top, is a little rugged. Unless you manage to find a perfect set, you may find the overlay wrapping peels from the table top. It would be worth opening the box up in store to check the quality of the product before parting with your dollar. 

The tables are multi-purpose built; the removable table top acts as a counter to place your cup of green tea, or the wire table itself is perfect for storage. Easy access to your excess scatter cushions and throws, or a great place to keep your Blogosphere mags all in one place. I'm pretty tempted myself to surrender one of the tables and use a log basket beside the fire. #Pinterest anyone?

If you're quick, you might just manage to grab yourself a pair before they're removed from stock. They've been around for a few weeks now, and i'm delighted i've managed to jump on the bandwagon before it's too late.

Let me know how you'd style these wire tables.

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