Thursday, 5 January 2017

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It's official - i've well and truly been pounded by the post-holiday blues. Returned to the office yesterday to find all the Christmas decorations had been put away for another year, i had that dreaded "Monday" feeling despite it being Hump Day, and of course i've scribbled out "2016" and corrected to "2017" more times than i've had left over turkey sandwiches! Christmas is officially over (even if the song says there's still one more day of Christmas left). It's been a great one. A different one, but a great one!...

...It's always been a big part of our family Christmas tradition to head down to the local for some festive bevs, stumble back home after last orders, and dish up the highly coveted turkey crown feast, whilst still consuming copious amounts of festive bevs - tis the season, after all. We've had this little tradition for as long as i can remember, and it's always been our family 'thing', with the whole family. We were two family members shy this Christmas, one being my cousin, Elle, who has been at our my family home every Christmas since she a wee bairn, so the day was a little offbeat to what i've been used to. Darren took Elle's place at the dinner table which was canny; Christmas is a huge thing in my household, and it meant quite a bit to me that he was able to join my family on Christmas Day.

Even if Darren didn't visit for sentimental value, he'd have had to have stopped by anyway, seeing as Boxing Day saw us take a little trip to Switzerland, to a little place called Lausanne - about 40 mins train ride from Geneva airport. Boxing Day is usually another day spent with the family, getting merry and appreciating how much we do for eachother, so booking to go abroad on Boxing Day was completely unorthodox. Nonetheless, i couldn't sleep Christmas Day night with pure excitement. Either that or from the high sugar content from the amount of Roses and Quality Street consumed (which, by the way, are a million times better than Celebrations and Heroes, just saying)! 6am beer and a bacon sandwich, a snooze on the plane, and i was ready to enjoy a different kind of Boxing Day.

We returned from our break away in Switzerland on 29th December, got back into some sort of routine, and prepared for quiet New Year Eve with the pooch. Although New Years isn't as 'big' in my family as Christmas is, i still usually spend it either out in the Toon with friends, dressed to the nines, or in the pub with the parents and family friends, donning the paper pirate hats and streamers around the neck. To spend New Years Eve snuggled up on the sofa with a glass of fizz, instead of kissing and hugging strangers to Auld Lang Syne, was very much appreciated, to say the least - was an ideal way to see in the New Year.

In addition to family fun times and crisp Swiss air, Christmas Eve was spent wandering around Edinburgh's beautiful Christmas Market, and catching up with one of my dearest friends, Emma, who came back from Kuwait with her (now) fiance, to spend time with her family. Huge congratulations again on the engagement - this was the literally the best news to end the year (i can't bloody wait for the wedding)!! 'Mouth Trap' must have been the number one game purchased for Christmas this year. If you weren't fortunately enough to receive it for Christmas, please make sure you go out and get it. Seriously, you can thank me later!

I'll never deny the fact i freakin' love the festive period. Despite the differences in Christmas and New Years this year to last year's and the years before that, it's been a blessing to still enjoy the most part with those closest. 

How did you spend your Christmas and New Year? Have you got any goals and resolutions you plan to stick to in 2017? 

Wishing you a very happy and healthy 2017, from 'Green Tea, Please'!


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