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Rhodes and Blog Update || Travel

I've done my fair share of neglecting on the blog front in recent years, but this time, i'm honestly so disappointed in myself; 'Green Tea, Please' was suppose to be my little baby, and i promised myself that 2016 would be full of articles that i'd have a lot of fun reflecting upon. Massive f*cking failure... again!...

...Despite not writing any blog posts this year, i have thought massively about what i want 'Green Tea, Please' to be about; i had ideas of DIY and crafts tutorials, hauls and outfit posts, but in truth, this is my diary. My journal. My little space on the web where i can share photos and a little bit about them, if not for some people's enjoyment and comfort, but for my own in years to come. I'd like GTP to continue to grow as an online journal primarily, rather than sharing posts on subjects i'm not 100 percent au fait with.

That said, i'm extremely into my interiors, so you can expect the odd post where i put my two pennies worth in about accessorising a room, and what designs complement a home. I also freaking adore mid-century interior, so Pinterest posts might materialise on the blog.

So, December. Better to start blogging now than never. Rewind six months, and it was a wee bit warmer than it is in the North of England right now. This was an exciting little holiday, as Rhodes was Darren and I's first holiday away together. It was coupled with a just a tiny bit of apprehension too, seeing as though we'd only known each other for a few months beforehand, but we were both in desperate need of a trip away in the sun, and was the perfect excuse to spend a week away to bond with each other, just the two of us. Due to our somewhat long-distance relationship, the apprehension was solely based on what spending a whole week alone together might be like, after only seeing each other once or twice a week, prior to the holiday.

I've reached the age where 'wild' holidays are no longer in the equation, so a quiet holiday in the Mediterranean was ideal.  Peak season in the Med is hot. F*cking roasting in fact, so i'm really not sure why we were shocked at the 35 degree plus temperatures whilst we were there. Unfortunately, Darren's Scottish skin just couldn't handle the rays. I prepared with a couple of nine minute holidays after work, in the run up to the holiday. I think Darren could do with taking a leaf out of my book for next year... Nonetheless, the sizzling sun, blue skies and warm breezes were a thousand times more bearable knowing we weren't carrying out our mundane weekly duties. Blisssss!

We enjoyed a couple of days in Rhodes Town, very north of the island. The Town's port was idyllic, and I was exceptionally jealous of the exotic yachts that lined the marina (life goals)! The smells from the restaurants that lined the sea front took me back to when i was little, going on my first holiday to Greece with the family. I don't think there's anything better that the continental aromas from restaurants in these beautiful countries. In Rhodes Town is the picturesque Old Town, which hosts market stalls, family run restaurants and small gift shops, some selling intricate, Grecian ornaments. There was no shortage of places to buy a pint of Greek beer or two as well, which went down a treat!

Our hotel, The Meliton Hotel, was situated in a quiet location, so was limited in places to walk to, but we found some lovely places to eat nearby, and spent a few nights delightfully strolling to the small village next door to where we were staying. We walked through the hillside flats where the locals lived; family generations sat outside in their front yard, enjoying watching their youngsters playing. Was comforting to see families and neighbours bonding together on their doorsteps, which is a little different to what we see in England. At the end of the village was a road sign to 'The Valley of the Butterflies', somewhere Darren and I had wanted to visit since arriving in Rhodes. We knew it wouldn't be too far to go to visit.

'The Valley of the Butterflies' was so different to what we had anticipated it being like; I think we both has the vision that it would be a large butterfly greenhouse.  But this was better, it literally was a large valley in Petaloudes, with thousands and thousands of butterflies that glided through the valley's visitors. Was such a tranquil experience, but would highly recommend taking a large bottle of water to stay well hydrated.

The rest of our time in Rhodes was spent by the poolside of the family run hotel. We went all inclusive (something we'd never tried before on our separate holidays), so of course, the drinks were unlimited. Barry! And our room was surprisingly pleasing - modern and airy. Just what we both needed to retreat to after a lovely, long day in the sun.

All in all, we had a wonderful first holiday together, and we're already looking forward to our next little get away after Christmas. It's inevitable that we both want to visit places, and have already put together a wee list of countries to tick off. I can see my blog being filled with holiday journal entries, and it's something i can't wait to look back on. Here's to a more organised 2017!

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