Thursday, 22 December 2016

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It's Christmas Eve Eve, so that means good Ol' Saint Nick squeezes his cheeks down the chimney in two sleeps, so of course, it's the perfect time to share a post on my favourite season of the year... Autumn. Never one to capture memories and moments, and keep them hidden away for my eyes only, so i had to share a post before it was too late...

...It's been nice to look back through the photos and videos i took this Autumn, capturing the transition between the deep greens of the trees, to the firey orange and red leaves that scatter the frosty pavements. Autumn truly paints a picture with colours Summer has never seen before, and that's just one of the many reasons i love the Autumnal months.

I'll admit, i'm not the greatest lover of darker mornings and nights, but there's something so comforting about coming in from a long day at work, dropping your bags, kicking your shoes off, and putting your feet up with a large cup of hot chocolate, as the sun quickly sets in the cooler skies.

But the greatest bit about Autumn - in my opinion - honestly has to be the holidays that we celebrate, both Halloween and Bonfire Night. I'm a little bit disappointed that the UK doesn't celebrate Halloween quite like out friends across the pond; my family really enjoy the decorating of the house, dressing up and getting involved with all things spooky, i'd imagine they'd be in their element if ever they got the chance to visit America on 31st October.

Darren and I took a trip to the Beamish Historic Museum a few mile south of Newcastle, where they had a 'Fright Night' weekend. Beamish is a flippin' great day out, and you really do need a full day to be able to visit the whole of the grounds, and activities they have. The museum is set around the early 1800s focusing on the everyday lives of those that would have lived in the North East of England at that time, so of course, add a bit of spook to the already eery era, and it made for some great fun.

We had a little family day out looking (frantically) for a pumpkin to carve in time for Halloween itself. Had a good look around for one, and found a decently-sized pumpkin to carve a Frenchie face in it - because what says Halloween quite like a French Bulldog on the side of a pumpkin? I wanted to do something a little different... but it turned out bloody marvellous if you ask me. I couldn't take all the credit though, as it was Darren who displayed is artistic flare. Kudos to him for his first time carving a pumpkin since being a wee, wee laddy.

A week later the UK celebrates Bonfire Night. This is one of the most perfectly cosy, Autumnal evenings where we wrap up in our woolies, grab ourselves a hot chocolate or two, and watch in awe at the fireworks that fill the clear skies. If you find the best organised Fireworks display in the area, then you'd be really impressed with the fireworks. We didn't, unfortunately, hunt for any bonfires, which would have topped off the Bonfire night nicely. Maybe next year!

I relax more in Autumn, everything's more calm and serene. Those tranquil three months have just disappeared, and we're already nearing the end of December. Just a little bit sad to think that those three months that i normally start to mellow down in, have gone by so suddenly, and now we've hit the rush of "the busiest time of the year"! I have a couple of things to sort out before settling down with la familia, tucking into the turkey feast, and pulling a cracker or two. And no doubt i'll have my festivities post up no later than Spring, haha!

"A fallen leaf, is nothing more than a Summer's wave goodbye."


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