Monday, 16 November 2015

100k With I'm NOT Disordered || Video || Lifestyle

This weekend, i had the pleasure of attending my best friend's blog event celebrating 100k views on her personal blog, I'm NOT Disordered; a huge achievement considering Aimee started the blog as a hobby, as a way to express herself following her battle with mental illness...

...The event took place in Newcastle city centre, and was attended by close friends and family, as well as those who have been hugely supportive of Aimee's achievements, and those who have helped her overcome the difficulties she's faced over the last few years. We even had the pleasure of being introduced to the Chief Executive of Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust; one of the largest Mental Health Trusts in the UK.

We were greeted by Aimee and a photographer, and were shown our table for the dinner. Once everyone arrived, Aimee got on the mic and made her welcome speech, thanking everyone for their support, and how much reaching the 100k milestone meant to her. Aimee's mam, her friend, Danny, and Time to Change support, Angela all made touching speeches which, safe to say, brought a tear to a few people's eyes in the room, mine included. Northumberland, Tyne and Wear Trust's Chief Executive, John Lawlor, made a wonderful speech before presenting an emotional Aimee with an award and trophy for all her hard work, and for the inspiration she's given to others suffering with mental health through her blog posts.

Catering put on a delightful buffet spread and desserts, whilst entertainment from James Cairns played idyllically in the background, (seriously good sound from this guy, recommend you check out his youtube). Although a formal event, it was a light-hearted occasion, with a photo stand for everyone to get dressed up in silly 'staches, oversized sunnies, and rainbow mullets! It had an element of importance too, with stands from Time to Change and SoMe organisations giving plenty of information on the stigma surrounding mental health; something which some of us really benefitted from, as, although we've been there for Aimee, it's still something we need to know more about in order to support her for the future.

All in all, it was a successful and informative event, with a lot of extremely proud people celebrating her achievements. I could see how happy she was that she was able to put this whole thing together, pretty much all by herself (an achievement in itself!!), and could see how content she was that she had some special people there to enjoy the evening with her.

Huge well done, Aimee!

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